Saturday, March 28, 2009

something I learned on Tuesday

The front brakes on Daughter's stroller do NOT work.

How did I come to learn this you are wondering? Well..

Daughter and I went to the mall, since we hadn't been in several weeks and it can be a decent place to walk around, while protected from the "elements", for awhile. I got Daughter's stroller out, set it up next to the car, pushed down one of the front brakes, and crawled into the back of the car to get Daughter out of her seat. I crawled back out of the car holding Daughter only to discover that the stroller was not right next to me anymore. Where was the stroller? Taking off across the parking lot along with much gusting wind. Thank God the stroller was empty (no bag or child inside) and I was already holding Daughter. I started to run after it, but stopped about half way to it as it was about to run, full speed, into a car that was backing up. 

"Oh shit!" is I think what probably came out of my mouth. Then, I don't know why, but about a foot away from the car the stroller came to a dead stop. The car drove away (ya, thanks for the help), I finished my crazy run across the parking lot, retrieved the stroller, and headed back to the car. Obviously somewhat embarrassing, but also pretty funny. 

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