Thursday, March 12, 2009

the binky daughter

Daughter used to have so many binkies, but the green ones were always her favorite. Husband first gave her one when we were still in the hospital and it's been a binky, binky world ever since.

But this week I've noticed we were down to two green binkies.. and then only one. I explained to daughter not to throw the last remaining precious green binky on the floor because then it would be a "dirty binky". How is it your child has the ability to melt you brain and make you instantly sound like a dope to all non-parents to said child?

Anyway, this afternoon I watched daughter take the last green binky out of her mouth, throw it through the bars of her crib (hitting the floor), and then start screaming hysterically. I rushed over to her to say "ya, I saw that!" She stopped crying instantly, having forgotten that most of the time "mommy sees all".

Well I couldn't very well leave the poor kid without any binkies at all, so I moved everything out from under her crib and slithered under it on my binky recovery mission.

And I am happy to report that the mission was extra successful. I recovered not one, but TWO green binkies! The daughter was pleased.

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