Sunday, July 12, 2009

a new farmers market

I took my daughter to a new farmers market on friday. (not new, but new to us) It turned out to be a really nice one- I'd like to go back again next week. There was another one on Saturday that we weren't able to get to that is supposed to be very nice as well- maybe next week for that one too.

Friday's haul consisted of one head of red lettuce and 3 cucumbers for $3.50. There were blueberries that smelled/looked really yummy, but were a little more than I wanted to spend. I also considered getting a flowering plant, but I was carrying a baby and didn't think I could juggle a plant as well.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

a good deal

The cashier at Rite Aid was more excited than I was about this deal.. and he was a guy. He even got out a calculator to figure out how much I paid for each box.

- 4 boxes of 28+ count always infinity (reg 9.99?) on sale for 6.99. and I had a $4 off coupon for each one.
- 4 packages of carefree liners on sale for $1.00. and I had a $1 off coupon for each one.
- PLUS I had a $5 off $25+ purchase coupon.
TOTAL: $6.96

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

ah, my daughter..

I take care of her all day, wake up with her at night, feed her, change her, hold her, hug her, read to her, watch endless noggin/sprout/pbs/nickjr with her, comfort her, dress her, bath her, play with her, clean her, wash her clothes, take her out, buy her things, wipe up her drool, cut her nails, put orajel on her gums, keep her out of trouble, and on.

And that's sort of "fine" with her.. but the second dada comes home it's squeals of delight and crawling all over the room following him around. Mommy who? Kind of breaks my heart- a bad way.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

$2.50 ruined my day

I woke up early enough that my husband hadn't left for work yet and I actually got to take a shower without worrying that my daughter would wake up.

There were hardly any cars out when we got out for the day (10am!). I kept getting green light after green light on the way to Target.

When we got to Target the parking lot was about 1/4 of what it normally is like on a Saturday.. the same for inside the store. I found everything I was looking for and had a mountain of coupons. My daughter was super good in the store- didn't cry or fuss at all. AND the cashier actually asked if I had a bag to use when I checked out..

But then when I got into the car and looking at my receipt I realized the cashier had missed scanning $2.50 worth of coupons I had given her. And that just ruined my entire day.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

the things my daughter does..

A couple of days ago she was as close to crawling as you can get without actually crawling, but now she has started moving her legs independently of each other.. so I guess that makes it official! 

She has also started pulling herself up to a kneeling position in her crib and looking like she wants to vault over the side of it. Suppose that means it needs to be dropped again.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

trying to get a job at bzzagent

I've spent quite a LOT of time over the past few weeks trying to get a job at bzzagent. They are running a contest of sorts. The first 8 weeks of it are very contest-y, but not in a random way.. then they will legitimately select (based on resumes, etc) one person out of the 8 for the job.

The first week I was literally about 2 minutes away from winning. I was first, first, first for so long. I stayed up til about 2am on the finally day. (the "winner" for the week was the top person at 9am) Then I just couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. I decided to take a little nap and set my alarm for 6am to keep going with it. Well I bolted awake at about 8:36am.. swearing! 

I "fought off" the number 2 person for about 20 minutes, but they were just posting links way way too fast and when I reloaded the ranking one final time at about 8:58.. she had passed me! Needless to say I was unbelievably upset.

I'm trying again this week.. but they have so many new rules each week, I don't know how much patience I have left with it. 

Sunday, May 31, 2009

busy, busy, busy

I have been so busy with my daughter and just life in general that I haven't had much time to post here.

But.. there is some great great news for me. I FINALLY got a new computer. It's mine mine mine and I LOVE it!