Monday, March 9, 2009

a brief history of my skull candy desires

I can't remember where I saw them first, but..

There were some funny moments on Ghost Hunters between two of the investigators while they reviewed some of their ghost hunting footage- regarding one guy's red skull candy headphones that the other one kept calling pink.

Shortly after that, I saw a kid walking around the grocery store wearing the same red skull candy headphones. I almost wanted to make a comment to him regarding them and the previously mentioned funniness on GH, but I kept it to myself.

Around the same time, I realized one BrotherInLaw of mine also had a pair, I don't think they were the red ones, but I can't recall what other color they were.. black or silver maybe.

So I kind of wanted some. I think the design of them is cool and they are supposed to be pretty good quality as well. I started to find the bigger, bulkier design of them a nice change from the direction of the smaller ipod (+ etc) versions that seem to be so popular now (don't get me wrong though, I LOVE my ipod).

Anyway.. the biggest DJ type ones were the most appealing, but let's me honest they probably weigh 10 pounds and I can't see myself sitting around the house wearing those.. nevermind the $$$ price tag. The Lowriders are nice enough for me.. the price is not going to cause any piggybank breaking and they come in so many colors now. The blue family of colors are my favorite I think- I've got a little bit of money left from a tax return so maybe there really will be some skull candy in my not too distant future!

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