Sunday, March 22, 2009

car seat search part two is ON

Daughter is on the verge of outgrowing the height limit of her carseat. I have mixed feelings about this.

Mostly I am excited I guess- I'm getting really tired of hauling her around in that infant carrier. BUT one of the things I like about her infant car seat is that it fits in her stroller and it faces me so I can babble to her when we're walking around. Outgrowing the infant carseat means no more facing mommy when in the stroller.

So next up is the convertible carseat I guess. And while I am not looking forward to paying (up to) another couple of hundred dollars on one, I guess the convertible one will be with her for a few years and not 5 or 6 months like the one we have now (I wish I knew more about this stuff when we bought the first one). I don't have too much info on the safety and crash info, but the first one I saw online was one from Britax in cowmooflage. Cute, huh? 

I suppose "cute" isn't really a good reason to buy something that is designed solely to keep your child safe. BUT when I looked at the Britax models at Target, I saw that they are made in the USA. And then when I found two sentences of (free) info online, the Britax's are apparently on the top of a lot of lists. So now I can say the "cute" is just an added bonus.


  1. Kids are in carseats for so long now! My 6 year old daughter is still in one and as short as she is, she will probably be in one for several more years. Crazy. I'm stopping by from the UBP.

  2. Britax is the safest and the cute factor is out of this world. We got a cheaper one for my son and it doesn't feel as secure in the car as my daughter's britax... food for thought...