Monday, February 23, 2009

how to make an impression at Target

I don't really get out of the house as much as I would like to with my daughter- it is the middle of winter and she is 4 months old. Sometimes we go to Target and walk around. It's a nice big store, they usually have interesting stuff, and some of them have a yummy Starbucks inside them!

On Friday, daughter and I went to a Target. Mainly we went for more drop-ins for her bottles, but the added bonus Starbucks coffee certainly helped get us (I mean me) there.

Daughter was fine for the getting of the coffee, but as soon as we started to on our way into the real part of the store, the screaming started (not me, daughter). 

At first it was sort of "cute" while I looked for a sweatshirt for her as she bit on one of her toys. But it started to get a little less "cute" when we entered the toy section. A few Yo Gabba Gabba toys got a smile out of her as we played around with them for 10 minutes in the way of all sorts of other customers, but as soon as we walked away the screams started back up.

It didn't take me long to figure out that shaking the Brobee (YGG character) one I was carrying with me and having it play its music quieted daughter down for the duration of the sound. But then I started to think how silly I must look shaking the weird looking furry green striped toy at my baby. And of course playing it and playing it and playing it was sort of difficult to do while trying to push a stroller. 

I tried to keep sticking the pacifier in her mouth, but she didn't want it and it would just fall back out again- this was also difficult to do while trying to push a stroller. 

At this point I gave up on shopping. With screaming daughter I just wanted to buy the stupid bottle dropins, the sweatshirt I kept dropping, the weird looking furry green striped toy, and the smaller blue cat dragon YGG toy that daughter was getting (but was really kind of for me).

I kept hearing "blah blah baby blah blah" the more she screamed and the more people I walked by. A few people that passed me actually turned around to look at her, to see what horrible thing I had done to my child to make her scream like a maniac banshee- I wanted to hide. Why was the front of the store and those lovely registers so very far away?! Was I actually running through the store to get to them? 

I had to shut out  every person in the store because daughter just would not stop her screaming/crying. Stopping every other step to try to jam the pacifier back in her mouth was just making the journey to the registers take even longer. Shaking and making the toy play it's music was just drawing more attention to us- was that even possible?

Of course almost as soon as we got into line, she stopped all noise making.. and fell asleep. Daughter wins again.

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