Saturday, April 25, 2009

one red paperclip

I decided to buy One Red Paperclip by Kyle MacDonald. And I was lucky enough to find a 25% off coupon online for Borders.

I bought this book yesterday afternoon, spent time with family, drove home, did home things, and then sat down to read around 10 or 11pm. Before I knew it I had read over a hundred pages. And when I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore and I had to go to bed, I stopped reading at 142 pages. 142 pages! With a baby no less. I haven't read 142 combined pages in the last year, never mind of one one thing in one sitting!

Needless to say I am really really enjoying the book. The story is so interesting and it's so well written. Each page I read I have to turn to see what happens, and then what happens, and then what happens, and then what happens, etc.

It all started on Craigslist I guess. There is a barter section? It all seems so easy to start.. and yet I'm a little wary of Craigslist currently.. and I'm sure many people are too. Not that I am a "masseuse", but still..

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