Sunday, April 12, 2009

how did you find this blog?

I think having a counter on one's blog is kind cool. What's even cooler though is if the counter company you are using can give you all sorts of other info too. For instance, the one I use tells me about the search terms that brought visitors to my site. 

I wrote a about how I came to know The Ting Tings not through the radio, Apple advertising, etc, but through watching Yo Gabba Gabba with Daughter. I called it something like "how to promote your band".. well many people were probably disappointed that they didn't learn anything about promoting their fledging bands by reading my blog.

There was "Animated Tazmanian devil avatars"- and before right now I have not ever used even one of those words in this blog. Ug.. now I'm going to get 100 animated tazmanian devil avatar fans reading my blog. Well, that's alright.. welcome ATDA fans!

The best one that I've seen so far is "do they use skullcandy headphones on ghost hunters". Yes, yes they do.. and that was confirmed for that searcher when I talked about my history of desire for a pair one day. A pair of skull candy headphones that is, not ghost hunters.

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