Tuesday, April 14, 2009

did you know..

1. I had rats as pets for a few years. Lexicon (Lexi), Cheesecake, and Anna- all girls. They were very interesting little creatures- really clean, organized, and cute.

2. I lived in an apartment that my neighbor set on fire (and destroyed) while I was at work one day. The fire department chopped down my door and ripped open the roof. Thankfully my cat survived.. just scared and smelling like he had been at a barbecue all day.

3. I won a car when I was 17. It's true. It wasn't brand new, but that is still pretty cool for a 17 year old.

4.  I saw The Ramones in Connecticut.. a few years before they broke up for good. They played with White Zombie.. actually I think they opened for WZ.. which seemed weird to me. I was so close to the stage, if I had reached my arm out I would have been able to touch it.

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