Friday, May 1, 2009

here's some hand sanitizer in your eye!

My daughter would not take a nap and was doing "backflips" and "somersaults" in her crib, so I figured she must need her diaper changed. I checked. Yup, she pooped. 

I took off the dirty diaper and cleaned her up. Then, before I put the new one on I went to get a little sanitizer for my hands. There must have been a little dried up on the spout because it shot a stream straight towards my eye. 

I stood there for a second with my right eye closed. Nothing. Thank God I shut my eye in time, I thought to myself. Wait. No. OMG that hurts! I half keeled over on a nearby chair. That lasted about 5 seconds.. then I ran to the bathroom. 

I washed my eye out until I was finally able to open it. I went back to my daughter (who was in her crib this whole time.. don't worry) she was having a fantastic time in her crib playing with the new diaper that hadn't been put on her yet. She was also having a great time rolling around in all the pee she had let go while I was washing my eye out. SO much pee in fact that it ran off the crib mattress and onto the floor!

TGIF no?

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